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Have you been denied coverage for treatment you needed, even after you or your employer paid your premiums in full and on time? We want to hear about it. Submit your story below and we’ll post it on this website. For privacy purposes, we’ll reveal only your first name, city and state.
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I became severely disabled 14 years ago with Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and other severe, compounding health complications. It was a struggle, but I finally got CIGNA to pay long-term disability benefits — for which I had been paying premiums for years through my employment. Over the years while I became progressively more ill, CIGNA paid LTD (8 years) — but not very willingly, and they have often tried to weasel out of it. CIGNA even hired private detectives to film me without my knowledge. Then, last November, CIGNA abruptly cut off my LTD benefits altogether. So far, my expenses are running close to $20,000, simply to get my LTD benefits back. This is $20k I am borrowing from family, will have to repay, and will never see again: there is no (legal) way to recoup it — either from CIGNA or from my medical insurance companies. – John, Oregon
I need surgery to repair a torn labrum in my hip and prevent it from completely degenerating but Cigna has decided that the surgery is “experimental”. When the MRI showed the problem, they tried to redact their approval for the MRI and said it wasn’t necessary after all. Dumb. My daughter suffers from hydrohydrosis. The prescribed treatment, Electrophoresis has helped tremendously, except that Cigna refused to pay for it and said it was “experimental” What crap. – Jane, Washington
More to come. On March 5, 2006, I gave birth to a post-term, stillborn, beautiful, baby girl. Our daughter died because Kaiser withheld care and rudely sent me home even while being aware that she was in trouble. They could have saved our daughter’s life with a timely delivery but Kaiser does not induce labor since there is a greater risk of c-section, which of course would mean more money out of their pocket. California has a cap of $250,000. Letting her die saved them possbily millions in lifetime care if she had been born compromised. After our Baby’s death, critical medical records just mysteriously “vanished.” – Sarah, Michigan
At the time of my broken back (two breaks) my insurance was Unitedhealthcare. I wanted to say that since in my last report I don’t know if I made that clear. They said double site broken back problems quailfied as elective surgery… like the choice to walk again or not was elective. I don’t and still don’t think anyone would weigh that decison any diffent that I did. Except United Healthcare. – Victoria, Missouri
More to come.

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